What Career Management Does: To help build a foundation for a career, it is imperative to impart skills and abilities beyond what is taught in the classroom. We help our students begin the management of their career from the very first day of orientation. In this endeavour, we undertake many activities to help our students make sure their career trajectory is constantly on the up. They include Aptitude Training, Group Cohesiveness, Business Ethics, Current Affairs Discussions, Presentation and Communication Skills Training, Public Speaking Sessions, Establishment of Knowledge Circles, and encouraging Research.

Presentation and Communication Skills

The first and second term have subjects titled Effective written communication" and "Presentation Skills" respectively. The students get the opportunity to hone these skills daily, with every faculty member providing them a stage to do so.

Public Speaking

XIME Kochi is home to healthy dialogue and debate. Our Students have won plaudits in numerous public speaking events throughout state and country. We provide a platform for students to transform themselves into confident individuals.

Current Affairs Discussion and Quiz

Talks, Workshops and Quizzes are regularly held to further augment the students understanding and test themselves on a larger stage and to keep them updated with the dynamic business and social realities.


Research forms an integral part of learning at XIME, Kochi. Students are engaged in research topics that facilitate an amazing learning experience that they carry into the organization they work for.

Aptitute Training

Aptitude training over here is focused on relearning and building on their already existing competencies in Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and Verbal and reading comprehension.

Group Cohesiveness

We encourage the building of group cohesiveness by placing greater emphasis on group assignments, healthy debates in class, and cultural and club activities that prioritise collaboration.

Business Ethics

We encourage our students to be as ethical and genuine as possible. High ethical standards are espoused and practiced by the faculty, who instill these practices in the student's mind through example.

Knowledge Circles

Specialised clubs representing each stream including Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility, exist to initiate activities and encourage knowledge sharing among students within their respective domains.

Design Thinking

Complex business problems requires design thinking approach through cognitive, strategic and practical processes. The solutions hence formed are sustainable and precise to solve these complex problems. Design thinking and innovations training grooms a new mind set among students.