Students are expected to have a thorough understanding of the NGO before they join and work with them. They are expected to present a brief report of the NGO to the mentor before they leave for SUPA. They have to work under the guidance of the mentors in the NGO and at the campus. They need to submit a weekly report of the activities they are involved in along with the NGO. They have to make a comprehensive presentation of the experience at the NGO after they complete their SUPA with the NGO.

Preparation of Report

At the end of the SUPA, students will consolidate the 18 days/ three weeks experience and write a well-organised report. The report will contain the NGO details – history, projects, impact and achievements, etc.; Managerial learning from the experience; Contribution in terms of systems developed, website developed, budget generated, fund raised, volunteering activities, etc.; How the NGO contributes to UN-SDG and the society at large.

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