At the end of the SUPA, students will consolidate the 18 days/ three weeks experience and write a well-organised report. The report will contain the NGO details – history, projects, impact and achievements, etc.; Managerial learning from the experience; Contribution in terms of systems developed, website developed, budget generated, fund raised, volunteering activities, etc.; How the NGO contributes to UN-SDG and the society at large.

  • Audencia, Paris

    The programme includes seminars on European Union as an Economic Community, doing Business in Europe, international Business and such others by guest lecturers across Paris, Nantes and Normandy. The students also travel to Brussels, Belgium to visit Europe as an economic and political entity.

  • GDUFS, Guangzhou, CHINA

    Every year selected students do their Winter Programme at GDUFS, Guangzhou, China. The students are guided through the workings of Chinese business in the classroom learning sessions and its culture through various other activities. The classroom sessions give the students a deep insight to the success of Chinese businesses and its correlation with their general lifestyle practices. The trip also include visits to industries and historical monuments and metropolitan cities like Shanghai and Beijing.